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Intentional. Unique. Holistic.

Jazba Care is committed to overall wellness for the seniors in our community. We believe in serving with intention and providing care that creates an influential shift in the home health care industry.

Holistic Care For Living Life With Intention

Our mission is to influence how seniors in our community are protected and cared for. With specialized care programs factoring in the experiences, diversity, and unique interests of our residents, our care is intentional, and our highest priority is to help your loved one flourish.

Our Values

Jazba Care Holistic Wellness

Holistic Wellness

We believe in holistic health; health that includes mind, body, and spirit. The foundation of our Passion Promise Plans, our proprietary, resident-centered care plans, are always developed with a respect for the holistic wellness of our residents.

Jazba Care Research


Everything we do at Jazba Care is evidence-based and research-driven. The food, the activities, the music; it’s fun, it’s delicious but most importantly, it’s intentional.

Jazba Care Leadership


Our purpose is to effect change in how our seniors are cared for, first in our home and second, in our community. Our goal is to shift how the industry approaches and delivers care for seniors, leading the way in positive change. At Jazba Care, we’re proud to always serve as activists for seniors in our community!

Jazba Care Teamwork


At Jazba Care, we have fun and everyone is included! Our residents are invited to truly be a part of the our home; watering plants, helping with dinner, and contributing in ways that further help our home thrive. Every team-based experience is created with purpose and research show that seniors thrive when purpose presents itself.

Jazba Care Professionalism


Our staff is the heart of Jazba Care and the reason we exist to serve your loved one(s). They’re skilled, passionate, and special individuals. Each of our dedicated team members have met and exceeded both Jazba Care and state-regulated training requirements to provide exceptional care. Ongoing learning is a priority for our team and advancements and training are readily available.

Our Founder

Shane Stumpf is originally from the Fiji Islands and started her career as a caregiver for seniors. She furthered her education by earning a degree in Respiratory Therapy. The majority of her patients were seniors, and that is what sparked her passion for the elderly. She worked in Intensive Care Units and Emergency Departments for seven years before going back to school and finishing her bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Management and later achieving a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

During this time, she wanted to change the community and felt compelled to start a business in an industry that she already loved and knew well; that is how Jazba began. Jazba means “passion” in Hindi, and she has made it her mission to become a senior advocate in the Sacramento area. She is heavily involved in nonprofits and local chambers in the communities to ensure seniors will be treated fairly, respected, and most of all valued in our society.
Jazba Care Shane Stumpf

Shane Stumpf

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